Toying with VR by Julian Kramer

Yesterday I had my first, personal VR experience on a HTC Vive, toying with TiltBrush. 

Probably the best portrait of me so far... 

Probably the best portrait of me so far... 

So you may ask, what is this TiltBrush? It is essentially a tool that allows you to "paint" in virtual 3D space, with the emphasis on 3D. When you are first playing with the application you start drawing iines into the air, as you would on a giant 2D canvas - until you realize that there is also "depth" to your drawing and you can actually move around space and "inside" your painting. That's the moment when your mind is really blown. If you know what you are doing, you might produce something like the things shown in the video down below... 

So, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, first i can't draw. Also I'm an idiot. So the obvious happened. I'm not proud of it. Pixelated to keep this SFW. 

so as the saying goes: Everybody is an artist but not everyone should exhibit.

so as the saying goes: Everybody is an artist but not everyone should exhibit.

Emulating & Redproducing accurate Human Voice with Machine Learning by Julian Kramer

Just watch this mindblowing demo from Adobe Project Vocual. All you need is about 20minutes of recording of one particular voice.

Just to summarize: Your "Audio Photoshop" learns your voice from about 20 minutes of recorded speech. Then it will transcribe your waveform into text which you can edit on a word basis. And add your own text spoken with the actual emulated voice of that person. 

Mind blown!

Glad they are already adding audio watermarking. 

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Recognizing physical objects w. micromovement Radar (Soli) by Julian Kramer

RadarCat can use the micro-movement radar from Project Soli and Machine Learning to recognize and display information about physical objects - like showing you the nutrition information of apples, paint with different "scanned" materials and colors or change User Interfaces based on "body shortcuts".

Exiting stuff for a world full of truly smart and context sensitive devices and applications.

Paul Klee's manuscripts published online #artnerd by Julian Kramer

These works are considered so important for understanding modern art that they are compared to the importance that Leonardo’s A Treatise on Painting had for Renaissance.
— Monoskop

Paul Klee (1879–1940) was a painter whose highly individual style was influenced by movements in art that included expressionism, cubism, and surrealism. His personal manuscripts were recently digitized and published for you to enjoy. Links below the gallery.

Check out his Bildnerische Gestalungslehre here. Make sure you click through the pages with the top navigation arrows (can be a bit hard to find).

You can also find his book "Paul Klee Manuscripts -The Thinking Eye" (PDF / English/24 MB) here and Volume 2: The Nature of Nature (PDF / English / 43 MB)

Read more here