The Future of Medicine / by Julian Kramer

I was just asked by a colleague what I think the future of medicine might be... and I've summarized my views on this the following way.

The 3 Pillars of Future Medicine

1. Quantified Self: 

People will be starting to track and real-time monitor multiple body functions from sleep to blood pressure, to hormones etc. in their bloodstream. Think of your fitbit on steroids. And yes, i said bloodstream... This leads to a constant monitoring of vital signs etc. - kind of an Intensive care monitoring e.g through your smartwatch...

2. Big Data diagnostics

These generated datasets can be crunched by AI / ML-Systems to spot known patterns and recognize new ones from seemingly disconnected datapoints to understand previously unknown interdependencies & correlations of symptoms. This will allow early-stage diagnostics and the deployment of preventive medication to cure a disease before a full condition outbreak, making it easier to treat.

3. Hyper-personalized medicine

Through better understanding of the individual constitution medicine, drugs & treatments can be administered on a hyper-individual level on a patient per patient per daily constitution basis. Right now we are taking 100mg aspirin, because it doesn’t kill us, and usually works for an adult of a certain size, weight and constitution - BUT i might need a perfect dose of 112mg or 54mg…. Think how important that will be on more severe treatments. This hyper-personalization will be possible.


Disclaimer: I am by no means a doctor, but I come from a family of doctors who were always exploring and pushing the edge of whats new in medicine - so the shift from curing to preventing will fundamentally change the way doctors work, assisted by live-monitoring, AI diagnostics and how we educate them.