NFC & Cloud Vision Connected Malibu bottles / by Julian Kramer

Back in 2014 I worked with Pernod Ricard at the Google Creative Academy in Mountain View - two years later they are bringing one of their ideas to life - a connected bottle!
Malibu being a summer drink that people take out and about the NFC-interaction allows "users" to win in a competition, get music mixes, see cocktail recipes etc. 
The most interesting aspect is that user can NFC-touch the bottle to share a snapshot with a custom messaging - AND the service uses  Google Cloud Vision to determine the right setting by analyzing the content of the picture. Pretty cool!

Read more here and here at Marketingweek

They were taking the idea of a "direct, digital touchpoint for consumers" quite serious :D.

Great to see how the idea has evolved - and humbling to see that things still take about 2 years to get built! Lets hope the campaign is a success so we get to see more cool marketing innovation.

Kudos to my friends and colleagues at THE ZOO!