Making the invisible tangible - Happy Atoms! / by Julian Kramer

When I was a child I was endlessly fascinated by the thought of a chemistry set - and I always wanted one for Christmas. Being well aware that I might either burn the house down or at least destroy the carpet I never got one. I had to wait forever to learn that chemistry class in school actually doesn't let you experiment with fluids that turn from red to green and then explode in a big fireball... No, you spend a s***load of time staring at styrofoam models of what might be an electron and then solve mathematical equations about how some C's might connect to some H's.

It was dull, boring and I never really understood the deeper concept of chemistry because it was all hidden behind a layer of math and abstract theories. It was like being shouted at: Screw you, visual people, this is not for you!

THEN I discovered this: Happy Atoms, a gamified version of Build your own Atoms that you can connect like legos and an Augmented Reality App companion, that lets you explore all the facts and details about the atoms you built.

Finally someone managed to combine the power of AR & digital education tools, playful experimentation and bring this very theoretical field into something tangible, enjoyable and visible. Check out what they do here:

ost people will tell you "everything was better in the olden days". No, hell no. I wish I was a child growing up with these learning tools. If you can, please support Happy Atoms. 

Support their Indiegogo Campaign here.