The 4 Levels of Listening for Innovation Skills / by Julian Kramer

A great talk from Otto Scharmer, Cofounder of the MITxu.lab and author of the book from Egosystem to Ecosystem on the 4 levels of listening.  

Here are my 2 takeaways:

One of the easiest tools that you can implement right now to keep innovating and challenging "your status quo" is this method described in Level 2 Factual Listening:

Darwin carried a book in which he noted all the observations that contradicted his beliefs and challenged his assumptions - to help him to evolve his own theories.

Level 4 Generative Listening is much harder to do, but where a lot of the true ideas for groundbreaking innovations happen: Listening and observing where you or your counterpart actually aspires to be in the future. 

Sounds esoteric, but it makes an awful lot of sense: Once we understood the facts, noticed the possible digression from our own confirmation biases, empathically understand the emotional aspects and then understanding how this all contributes to an aspirational projection of self - Its nearly impossibly to come up with a product / idea or service that doesn't solve true human needs and desires. 

Easier said than done though :).